Removable Vinyl Wall Art Decals for Chilren and Home

Wall stickers have become popular in Europe and the United States since the Paris Home Fairs in 2007, and have become the primary consideration for designers in decorating interior spaces with a wide variety of decorative items and styles. It is different from the traditional hand-painted walls, which have been designed and made ready-made patterns. You just need to stick on the wall, glass or tile. No need to wield ink and brush, but also to lead the new home decoration trend.

Decorative wall decals and traditional wallpaper have differences.
First of all, the traditional wallpaper is part of the overall style of home decoration, while the wall stickers are the best home decoration embellishments.

Traditional wallpaper is like wearing a very beautiful dress and wall stickers are in a beautiful dress to wear an embellished jewelry to attract the focus of all. If you are looking for large birch tree wall decals, you can also check that site for more information. We have some birch tree wall stickers designs authorized to them.

Traditional wallpaper construction is complex, and easy to fall off with time and other problems. While decorative wall stickers are gradually highlighting many novel features: air-conducting slot (paste no bubbles), visual three-dimensional, removable (environmentally friendly, no trace) and so on.

So we can stick anywhere we like. They will not fall off in 5 years and can be easily and conveniently replaced with the fashion change other styles. These wall stickers are really style and environmental friendly decoration!